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In consideration of my admittance as a student of Hot Yoga Charlotte LLC (dba Bikram Yoga Lake Norman) "HYC"), I represent and expressly agree as follows: (1) I understand and acknowledge that yoga postures and exercises are challenging. I hereby certify that I am in good physical condition, have no disabilities, and I am fully able to perform strenuous physical activity. I agree that my participation in yoga classes is at my own risk, and I assume the risk and responsibility for any injury or illness while on the premises. PLEASE INFORM US OF ANY PHYSICAL AILMENTS, CONDITIONS, LIMITATIONS OR RECENT SURGERIES. (2) I agree to follow all instructions given to me by HYC Yoga Instructors as to how to perform yoga postures and abide by the rules of the studio. I agree to arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before class; and I understand that I may be excluded from any class if I am late, if the Instructor believes that the number of students then in attendance is too many to safely conduct the class, or if I do not abide by the rules of the studio. I understand that my leaving the yoga room before the end of a yoga session may be detrimental to the safety of myself and others and agree to stay in the yoga room for the entire session. (3) I agree to hold harmless, and do hereby release and forever discharge, Hot Yoga Charlotte, LLC dba Bikram Yoga Lake Norman, it's agents, representatives, members, Instructors, employees and students, from and against any and all claims or liability for any injuries sustained by me at any HYC classes or events, or upon the premises, and I agree to indemnify each of them for any loss, damage, costs, and expenses (including legal fees) incurred by any of them in defending against such claims and liability. (4) I understand that any and all tuition, registration and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Class series cards are valid only for a limited period from the date of purchase or first class. Unlimited packages are valid for only the amount of time specified. I understand that my failure to regularly attend classes does not relieve me of my obligation to pay or entitle me to any reimbursement. I agree that HYC has the right to refuse access to anyone, including me, for any reason. This agreement will remain in effect until cancelled. (5) I agree that HYC is not responsible for any loss, damage, unauthorized use, theft of, or injury to, any personal property which may bring onto the HYC premises. Photos or videos of class may be used for promotional use. I have read this entire agreement and understand and accept all of its terms:
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